Texas second-grader says teacher took away Bible during reading time

The family of a second-grade student at a Texas elementary school says their daughter's teacher took her Bible away during a "read to myself" session.

The Liberty Institute, a nonprofit legal group specializing in religious liberty cases, says the family reached out for assistance after a teacher at Hamilton Elementary in Cypress allegedly told the girl not to bring the Bible back to school again.

The teacher reportedly said the Bible is inappropriate reading material.

Michael Berry, senior counsel with the Liberty Institute, told KHOU.com the family wants to remain anonymous, fearing retaliation. He said the teacher's alleged actions were questionable given that the school library contains copies of the Bible.

"So if it’s appropriate for their own library, why on Earth would it not be appropriate for their own students?" Berry said.

In a statement to Click2Houston.com, the Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District said while it hasn't confirmed the allegations, the Bible meets guidelines for books that students are allowed to read during independent reading sessions.

"Religious material, including the Bible, that meets these guidelines would be permissible for a classroom assignment and/or independent reading," the statement read.

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