Texas school backs off allegations that mom threatened 7th grade volleyball team with gun

A Texas mother who witnesses said pulled a gun on a seventh-grade volleyball team says she merely waived her finger and never threatened the players.

Judson school district spokesman James Keith also said Friday that "inconsistencies are starting to pop up" after police re-interviewed witnesses who first alleged that the woman threatened the students after they soundly beat her daughter's team.

Keith said no gun was found after a search of the woman's home. He said the mother will likely face no criminal charges, but is barred from school property for one year.

Keith said at least six witnesses who first described the incident to police were a mix of people at the game and leaving the school.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below.

SAN ANTONIO (AP) — A woman believed to be the mother of a Texas seventh-grade volleyball player pulled a gun on a rival team celebrating a lopsided win over her daughter's outmatched squad, officials said Friday.

Girls on the Kirby Middle School volleyball team fled when the woman confronted them with a gun Thursday night in the parking lot and threatened to shoot, Judson school district spokesman James Keith said. No shots were fired and no one was injured.

Authorities believe the woman is the mother of a player from Metzger Middle School, which had just been beaten soundly.

No arrests had been made as of early Friday. Keith said the school district believed they had identified the woman.

"She was irate during the game," Keith said. "My understanding, according to the principal, is that the Metzger team lost pretty bad. They were getting hit with balls during the game and were just outmatched."

Keith said girls on the Kirby team had left the gym and were walking to their bus after the game, laughing and celebrating, when the woman approached and threatened to kill one or more of them.

The woman took off in a maroon-colored car, and school police reviewed surveillance tape to try and identify the woman. At least six witnesses saw the incident, Keith said.

The Judson school district is in northeast San Antonio.