Texas police officer to be questioned over George Zimmerman stop

A Texas city plans to question the police officer who pulled over George Zimmerman because the lawman reportedly snapped a picture with his personal phone during the traffic stop.

The city manager of Forney told FOX 4 that the officer, who has not been identified, was not on duty Thursday and will be questioned when he returned.

The unmistakable sound of an iPhone camera’s “click” can clearly be heard on dashcam footage while the officer sat in his squad car inputting Zimmerman’s license information. The phone’s “unlocking” sound and typing on the keyboard can then be heard on the footage.

The officer could be disciplined if any Forney police policies were violated. Law enforcement experts said it’s not uncommon for police officers to take photos  while on duty or take photos to send to supervisors when looking for direction in certain situations, the station reports.

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