Five Texas men are charged with stealing about 650 handguns and shotguns from a UPS lot in Missouri.

Federal prosecutors say the men were each indicted on two federal guns charges Wednesday. They're being held in Texas awaiting extradition to Missouri.

An affidavit from the case alleges the guns were to be delivered to Bass Pro Shops when they were stolen in October. Investigators say the thieves moved trailers around the UPS lot in Springfield, which provided access to about 600 Beretta .380-caliber handguns and 54 Baretta 12-gauge shotguns, and other merchandise.

The guns have not been recovered.

Investigators say cellphone tower records and other evidence was used to trace the theft to the Texas men.

Those indicted were 33-year-old Frank McChriston; 28-year-old Keith Lowe; 26-year-old Quinton Haywood; 26-year-old Eric White and 32-year-old Derrick White.