Texas Man Charged With Filming Coeds in Showers

It’s equipment managers gone wild at the University of Texas.

A former equipment manager for its track and field team was charged with allegedly filming women taking showers in the school’s locker room.

Rene Zamora was arrested in November 2010, and a grand jury indicted him in February. He now faces 40 charges of improper photography, a felony, reported MyFoxAustin.

The alleged scheme came undone when a showering junior noticed a camera lens propped above her shower curtain while rinsing her hair after a track meet, according to an affidavit obtained by FoxNews.com. She screamed and heard retreating footsteps.

She recognized the man and shouted, “Rene!” He yelled, “Sorry!” as he made his way out of the locker room. She dressed, exited the building and Zamora once more yelled “sorry."

Zamora told the student in a text message that he deleted the video, but the student informed her coach about the incident.

A few days after the alleged Sept. 3, 2010, video taping, university police questioned Zamora. He admitted that he used a video camera, but he said the woman yelled his name just at the moment he attempted to hit record. He assured police that the camera did not successfully record the student, according to court papers.

That contradicted the alleged text message indicating that he deleted the video.

He told the police that he was sorry for what he did and he knew what he did was wrong, according to court papers.

School police searched his apartment and found 1,253 objects on computer devices; twenty were identified as pictures -- the others were movie streams.

The majority included women in “various stages of dress in what appeared to be a women’s locker room,” according to court papers.

Zamora had been a full-time employee at the school since 2006, and began filming these individuals from the spring of 2008 to the fall 2010, court papers allege.

Zamora's lawyer, did not comment for the article because the "investigation is ongoing."

The school suspended Zamora, who is free on bond, after learning about the incident. His next court date is on March 7.

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