Texas Holds 'Don't Touch My Junk' Rally

Dozens gathered at the Capitol in Austin on Saturday demanding a stop to TSA officers "touching their junk" at the airport.

Rally attendees are hoping to call attention to a recently proposed Texas bill that would limit TSA searches and enforce criminal charges for TSA officers if they touch someone inappropriately. The bill passed unanimously in the House, but died in the Senate.

The U.S. Attorney's office was furious with the bill, threatening to cancel flights in Texas if the bill passed, arguing that TSA agents would not be able to do their jobs properly. The Senate heeded this warning and voted against the bill.

Those at the "Don't Touch My Junk" rally hope the governor will resurrect the bill in special session.

"We're urging Governor Perry -- please do what you say and be fed up and let's get this passed and bring it up in special session, and let's do it for Texas," Heather Fazio, member of Texans for Accountable Government, told MyFoxAustin.com.

Others believe the TSA pat-downs are necessary and the bill should not pass.

"I think anything the country is doing to protect us is all well and good," Austin resident Janet Bates told MyFoxAustin.com. "If someone wants to file a complaint, they can file a complaint. I don't think we need laws."

Don't Touch My Junk Rally: MyFoxAUSTIN.com