A Texas couple convicted of stealing from their local district attorney’s office have been sentenced to 10 years of probation with a list of conditions -- including wearing signs that read "I am a thief. I stole $255,000 from a crime victim's fund."

State District Judge Kevin Fine also sentenced Eloise Mireles, who spent 16 years working for the Harris County office’s victims' rights division, and her husband, Daniel Mireles, to at least one month behind bars every year for the next six years, and gave them ten years to pay back the $255,000, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Eloise Mireles also was ordered to spend the next six months in prison.

Mireles was convicted of stealing money orders and cashiers checks from restitution funds paid by other convicted criminals while she was an administrative assistant beginning in 2001, the Chronicle reported. Her husband then deposited the checks.

In addition to wearing the signs for five hours every weekend at a designated street corner, the couple also has to display a sign in front of their home reading, "The occupants of this residence are convicted thieves. They stole $250,000 from the Harris County Crime Victim's Fund. Signed, Judge Kevin Fine."

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