Texas cops respond to noise complaint, are greeted by practicing groomsmen

The groom behind the noise complaint in Texas that turned into a dance performance is glad his video is sparking more conversation about the relationship between officers and the African-American community, Fox4News.com reported.

David Opegbemi and his groomsmen were practicing in a residential parking lot one final time for before his Sept. 22 wedding the next day when they were approached by a Carrollton police officer about a noise complaint.

After the group explained what they were doing, one man offered to show the officer their performance.

The exchange was caught on the officer’s body camera and later released by the with the message, “We see a lot of bad. But we see a lot of good, too.”

“Our intent was never to disturb the peace. We are just a group of young black educated men who were having a good time and bonding while at dance practice. It's sad that we had the police called on us, but that's our world,” Opegbemi wrote. “We understand that we might be perceived as danger, but we hope this shows something positive and that a group of black men at night is not always a threat.”

With the recent turmoil between the African-American community and law enforcement, Opegbemi says he hopes the video will help others see all parties can get along if they respect and show kindness to each other.

“It’s just a positive message," he said.

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