Shots fired at Texas Air Force base near trainees prompts lockdown

Authorities are searching for the suspects

A Texas Air Force base was put on lockdown Wednesday after reports of shots fired near an area where trainees were gathered, officials said. 

Officials at Joint Base San Antonio Lackland said a shooting was suspected to have occurred outside the Valley Hi Gate. Trainees were in the area and the shooters fled the scene, FOX affiliate KABB, the Fox-affiliated TV station in San Antonio reported.

The base is where all enlisted airmen attend Basic Military Training (BMT). 

Lt. Col. Brian S. Loveless said someone reported hearing two gunshots that came from outside the installation shortly before noon. Authorities were investigating "leads" to determine whether shots were fired, he said. 

Investigators had not confirmed that there were two suspected shooters, said Loveless.

The base sent an alert around 12:30 p.m. Central Time (CT) announcing the shooting and a lockdown for all personnel. 

"Active Shooter lockdown on LAK," the alert said. "All base personnel implement LOCKDOWN procedures and immediately take cover. Real World LOCKDOWN, LOCKDOWN, LOCKDOWN."

Just after 2 p.m. CT, the base tweeted it was on a "modified lockdown." The lockdown was lifted soon after and the base was resuming normal operations. 

There were no reported injuries. 


All the entrance gates to the installation were open except for the one where the shots reportedly occurred, Loveless said.