Tennessee mom, daughter find purse stuffed with thousands, alert police

When a woman and her 16-year-old daughter found a $400 leather Coach purse stuffed with cash and credit cards on Daytona Beach and alerted authorities about the discovery.

Darlene Curley, who was visiting from Etowah, Tenn., says says she and her daughter were about to take a swim in the ocean on Sunday evening before heading back to Tennessee when they spotted the purse and other items on the sand.


Beach Safety Ocean Rescue officers responded and put the items inside a lifeguard station to dry. When they counted $13,087.88 in cash they locked the bay and left two officers to guard it.

"We thought someone may have drowned or something," Curley told The Daytona Beach News-Journal. "We called the police because we wanted to make sure that the person was all right."

A police report shows May Self of Harwood, Md., eventually claimed the items.

Curley told the paper that Self called her to say thanks and wants to meet in person.

The Associated Press contributed to this report