Teens could face charges for rampage with stolen bulldozers

Three teenagers told police they stole a couple of bulldozers Friday night for a contest to see who could cause the most destruction, all because they were bored.

The damage from their alleged rampage on a lot in southern Indiana totaled nearly $50,000, WHAS reports. Now, the teens could face felony charges.

"It’s just amazing that nobody was hurt, I mean, you know, operating two pieces of heavy machinery like that, in the middle of the night, no lights,” Paul Tinnell told the news station. His family reportedly owns the lot in Utica, a short drive northeast of Louisville, Ky.

He said the teens knocked over tractor-trailers and ripped the roof off a modular home.

Tinnell said he heard the bulldozers tearing through the property early Saturday morning, and called 911.

Prosecutors reportedly are looking into the case. Since the suspects are juveniles, a court could hold their parents responsible for the damages, WHAS adds.