Teen jailed for car break-ins after mom turns him in

A 15-year-old Florida boy was jailed on car burglary charges after his tough-love mom turned him into lawmen, according to a report.

WBBH-TV in Fort Myers reports that Lakesha Robinson fingered her son to Lee County deputies on Tuesday. The teen, Chris Salters, was charged with breaking into four cars. Two pals of his were also busted.

“I want him to learn that he got to be responsible for his actions,” Robinson told the station.

Robinson acted when she found her son with a cellphone that wasn’t his.

It had been stolen from a man’s car, the station reported Wednesday.

She met the victim and he told her his wallet was also stolen. He showed her unauthorized charges on his credit card at a McDonald’s, a convenience store and a Walmart, according to WBBH.

She then found a McDonald’s receipt in a bag and spoke to the victim again. The unauthorized charge on his credit card matched the amount on the receipt.

“When he told me, I just broke down,” she told the station.

Salters was jailed and then released.

“I knew she was mad. I could tell how she was talking,” Salters told the station, referring to his mother.