Teen in 'Miraculous Condition' After Fall From Moving School Bus

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A 17-year-old boy is expected to make a full recovery after surviving a fall out of a moving school bus in Utah, Fox 13 reported Monday.

The boy, a special needs student from Hartvigsen School, fell out of the bus as it traveled eastbound on Interstate-80. The teen apparently walked to the back of the bus and opened the emergency exit door, falling out onto the road, the station said,

It was not immediately clear if the boy fell or jumped.

District officials said the student was in “miraculous condition,” having only suffered cuts and grazes.

Motorists who witnessed the fall pulled over and offered the teen aid, but the bus drove about a mile and a half down the freeway before anyone realized the student was missing.

Fox 13 reported that the driver heard the alarm activated by the door opening, but that it is unclear why it took the bus so long to pull over.

There was also an attendant and six other students on board the bus at the time.

Utah High Patrol and Granite School District are investigating to determine if the bus sensor was functioning properly at the time of the incident, Fox 13 reported.

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