"Who would do something like this and why would they do it," questioned Shantae Warren.
Her husband, Wes Warren, woke up Sunday morning to learn someone used his bright white van as a canvas for hate. While his van was parked on the street in front of their Brownstown house on Armstong, someone painted swastikas and other Nazi symbols all over the vehicle.

"So many thoughts go through your mind," said Wes Warren.

"I was very disappointed that we're still dealing with racism. Even if it wasn't racial just people that will vandalize," Shantae Warren said.

It is not just the Nazi symbols on that white van, it appears the vandals have marked their territory all throughout the neighborhood, including on a fence where there is painted an anarchy sign and a swastika.

The vandals used the same neon paint to cover a real estate sign, draw more hate symbols on another vehicle and a male body part on the sidewalk at the corner of Doncaster and Townsend. Bob Muszynski is the one who removed it.

"I would assume it's kids. I wouldn't think an adult would do something like this, but you never know these days," said Muszynski.

They also don't know the motivation, whether it was race, hate or just plain destruction of other people's property.

Whatever the reason, the vandals cost Wes Warren $500. He was forced to get his van repainted; a disappointing life lesson he had no choice but to teach his kids.

"Everyone isn't like that and that if it was motivated outside of just some children playing around, that it's some and not all," Wes Warren said.

He also says hopefully it will not happen again.

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