A woman and two children have been shot and killed Monday during a potential domestic violence incident at a Phoenix apartment, officials say.

The suspect barricaded himself inside one of the apartment complexes, and after a few hours, began shooting at the officers, ABC 15 Arizona reported.

Police were able to secure the area and take the suspect into custody after a brief exchange of fire, the station reported.

Officers found two children, ages 11 and 10 months, deceased inside the unit.

The woman was discovered dead outside the apartment, the report said.

One officer injured in the shootout was rushed to the hospital and in stable condition, officials told the station.

Kristen Alexander, 26, had been sitting in a parking lot since the afternoon after arriving home from a trip to Ohio, the Arizona Republic reported.

"I can't believe it's Christmas and there's a shooting or whatever's going on. It's eerie. I feel bad for whoever is going through this," Alexander told AZFamily.com.

"We're just trying to go home and open presents,” she said. “But we can't get in there yet."

Residents told the Republic the shooting occurred in the northeast quadrant of the complex, and that the alleged shooter lived in a three-story unit.

"It's beyond crazy," resident Gibson Daoud said. "It's as sh--ty as it can get on Christmas Day."