Suspect Arrested for Allegedly Using Crane to Steal Jeep From Indiana Chrysler Dealer

Think snagging stuffed animals with an arcade crane is tough? How about snagging full-size vehicles?

That was the idea behind a brazen theft early Sunday in LaPorte, Ind., when someone drove a crane into the city’s Chrysler dealership and can be seen on surveillance video using it to lift a Jeep Wrangler onto a flatbed truck and then driving off, NWI reports.

The theft lasted just six minutes.

"He clamped into the roof, put the jaws through both doors and lifted it up,” Matt Magnuson, LaPorte Chrysler’s general manager, told the Chicago Tribune. "The Jeep has to be heavily damaged."

A suspect was taken into custody Tuesday afternoon, LaPorte Police Chief of Detectives Adam Klimczak told NWI, but the person's identify has yet to be released.

The 2008 red Jeep Wrangler, with a plow attached to it, had not been found as of Wednesday. The vehicle had been sold the day before the theft for $25,000 but had yet to be picked up by the new owner, Magnuson told ABC News.

Magnuson described the truck used in the theft as a logging or railroad truck with a Prentice-brand crane.