Stripper fatally stabbed partner in eyes with pen, police say

A 24-year-old stripper in Florida was being held without bond Tuesday after being charged with second-degree murder in the stabbing death of his partner.

Authorities said Justin Calhoun of Tampa became convinced that the victim was a cannibal, so he stabbed him multiple times in the eyes with a pen, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

Jail records list Calhoun as a homeless female, but an arrest affidavit refers to Calhoun using male pronouns, reported.

The alleged attack on Mark Brann, 67, occurred in Brann’s Key West home, the Times reported.

A police report said that during an argument Brann picked up a gun, but Calhoun managed to take it away from him. Then Calhoun tried to fire the weapon but it jammed, the Times said.

That’s when Calhoun allegedly grabbed a pen and started stabbing Brann, the Times reported.

Later, Calhoun shoved a piece of wood down Brann’s throat and hit him over the head with a dresser drawer, reported.

Calhoun grabbed a backpack, cash and a dress, then fled the residence naked as police responded to the scene, but was apprehended a short time later, the website reported.

Calhoun also faced drug and theft charges, the site said.