Stranded woman drank water from moss after California crash

An Oregon woman who was stranded for a week after her Jeep plunged 250 feet over a cliff into the ocean near Big Sur in California says she survived by drinking water dripping from moss.

Angela Hernandez posted a detailed account Sunday night on Facebook of her survival after the crash.

The 23-year-old woman says she spent each day walking the isolated stretch of beach, searching for help, and was unable to make her way back up to the highway.

She was finally rescued Friday by two campers who spotted her mangled car.

The Portland woman said she used a hose that fell off her car to collect water dripping from moss to drink.

On Friday, Hernandez woke up and saw Chelsea Moore walking by. She and her husband were hiking and looking for places to fish.

They called for help and Hernandez was taken by helicopter to a hospital.