Stolen state police SUV used in 2 robberies, theft of gas

An unmarked state police SUV stolen from a trooper's home over the weekend was used in two robberies and the theft of gas from a service station, police said on Monday.

The SUV, which was stolen Saturday night or early Sunday in North Brunswick, contained several uniforms, two issued weapons and other issued equipment.

Someone using the SUV stopped a truck driver on Sunday morning on the southbound New Jersey Turnpike in South Brunswick and stole cash from the driver, authorities said.

About 30 minutes later, they said, the person fueled the SUV at a gas station in Colonia and left without paying. The person then stopped a cab at the Woodbridge Center Mall in Woodbridge and stole cash from the driver.

No weapons were used in either robbery, authorities said, but they did not say how much money was stolen.

Investigators recovered the SUV late Sunday morning in North Brunswick but did not say if the weapons, the uniforms or the other equipment was recovered. They would not comment on what types of weapons were in the SUV or if the vehicle was locked when it was stolen, citing the ongoing investigation.

Information on whether the agency has policies about leaving weapons in vehicles was not immediately available.