Stick shift proves too daunting for would-be carjackers

Two men who tried to carjack a vehicle in Pittsburgh bailed on that idea after they were told by the driver that his car had manual transmission.

The incident reportedly occurred on Tuesday night. One of the suspects tapped on the car’s driver’s side window with the barrel of his gun and ordered the driver to step out, reported. The driver complied.

Once outside of the car, the two suspects demanded money and the 28-year-old driver’s cellphone. The driver did not have any money, so they asked for the car keys, the report said.

At some point in the interaction, the driver informed the would-be carjackers that the car had a stick shift, which reportedly led the men to abort the mission.

“We typically don't hear about too many situations where the thieves decide to not take a vehicle in a carjacking based on the type of transmission,” Emily Schaffer, a public safety officer, told the paper. “Fortunately, the victim was not injured in this incident and nothing further, including his vehicle, was taken.”