Starbucks barista in a latte trouble; faces firing over small tattoo

A Starbucks barista in Michigan could lose her job over a tattoo on her hand that is smaller than a penny.

The woman told MyFoxDetroit that she recently got an ultimatum: get rid of the tattoo in 30 days or resign.

“It’s just a little heart; you can cover it up with your thumb,” Kayla told the station Wednesday. Her last name was not revealed by the station.

“It’s not offensive to anybody,” Kayla said. “Now, I am being told after five years of having this tattoo, being hired in that, I have to get rid of it or resign from my job.”

The 27-year-old woman from Rochester Hills said the tattoo is located above her left thumb and she had it when Starbucks hired her five years ago.  She has been using makeup to hide it. Apparently, that didn't satisfy her bosses at a Starbucks in Troy, MI.

Starbucks told the station that company policy bars baristas from having visible tattoos. “This is part of our dress code policy and is discussed with our candidates during the interview process,” Starbucks said in a statement.