St. Louis firefighter accused of racist posting on Facebook

The St. Louis Fire Department is investigating a firefighter accused of posting a racial slur on Facebook.

KSDK-TV reports firefighter Dennis Beckman recently made a post referring to CNN anchor Don Lemon's claim that white men are the biggest terror threat.

Lemon is black, and Beckman allegedly wrote that Lemon's comments sounded like they came from someone who wasn't "a respectable black man." Blackman allegedly referred to that hypothetical someone with a racial slur.

The fire department recently learned of the posting, prompting an investigation.

A department spokesman declined to disclose if Beckman was punished. Beckman said the department advised him not to comment.

A St. Louis police officer last year was accused of posting a meme referring to Black Lives Matter protesters as "The Klan with a tan." It's unclear if the officer was disciplined. A department spokeswoman declined comment Friday.


Information from: KSDK-TV,