A 15-year-old special needs student in Florida was arrested Tuesday after allegedly aiming a toy shotgun at a teaching assistant.

The teenager, who was not identified, was charged with aggravated assault after the incident, Florida Today reported.

A school bus pulled up to his home in Palm Bay, about 75 miles southeast of Orlando, at around 9:00am to take him to Riverdale Country School.

"From what we understand, a teaching assistant got off of the bus to get the student," Brevard County School District spokesperson Christine Davis said. "The student came to the door, first with a knife and then with a shotgun."

The shotgun turned out to be a realistic-looking toy, according to Florida Today.

Police were called to the scene to investigate. They confiscated the toy gun and took the teenager into custody. It was not immediately known if he would be suspended or expelled from school.

Officers said he is a special needs student with several unspecified medical issues, but he understood that pointing the gun at the assistant was wrong.