South Florida homeless man gets back $10K left of bus bench thanks to deputy, good Samaritan

A homeless man was reunited with nearly $10,000 in cash that he'd accidentally left stuffed in two bank envelopes on a Florida bus bench.

The South Florida Sun Sentinel ( ) reports a deceased relative had left the man almost $12,000.

Deputies say the man — who they've only identified as Joe for his protection — withdrew almost $10,000 and went shopping. He mistakenly left the envelopes on a Lauderdale-by-the-Sea bench.

John Harbett was looking for turtle hatchlings when he saw one cash-filled envelope. A short time later Deputy Ben Koos found the other. Both men took the money to the sheriff's office.

Investigators found a receipt from a clothing store, got a surveillance picture of "Joe" from the store and tracked him down.

The money is back in his account.