It could have been a scene from the movie “Jaws.”

A woman fishing in a South Carolina inlet said she was stunned when a bull shark jumped from the water and ate her catch as she was reeling it in.

Sarah Brame, of Franklinton, N.C., was reportedly catching her first fish off a deck in Myrtle Beach’s Cherry Grove Inlet when a large bull shark swooped in and stole the Red Drum off the line.

"I was actually kind of scared because I seen it jump and actually thought it could jump up here and get me," Brame told CarolinaLive.com. "Because the tide was all the way up, and it was probably 3 feet below me."

"We couldn't believe how it actually happened," Brame’s fiancé, William Moore, who filmed the incident, told the station. "We keep watching the video over and over and over again."

The woman’s stepfather said the group had no idea the shark was lurking beneath the water, according to the website.

"First time we laid eyes on him. We didn't even know he was there," he told the website.

The family said the shark likely weighed 200 pounds and was about 4 to 6 feet in length, the website reported.

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