Soda machine shields woman from tornado

It was a vending machine miracle.

Louisiana FedEx driver Kyra Johnson cowered behind a Coca-Cola machine as a tornado bore down on her on Feb. 23 – yet she made it out alive. Surveillance video showed the twister destroying the hardware store around her.

“I just was saying, ‘God, please save me,’” Johnson, 35, told The New Orleans Advocate.

The tornado approaching her was an EF-3, with winds that would reach 140 mph and kill two people.

Just not Johnson.

At one point, the soda machine toppled over leaving Johnson exposed to the twister, but instead of panicking, she said she experienced a strange sensation of calm.

“I did feel like I was in a shield,” she said. “I was in a bubble, that God helped me see everything around me. I didn’t move. I didn’t float up in the air. You know, none of those weird things happened to me. I was just…religious, I felt. Everything was religious around me. I felt we were all covered.”

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