Snake Infestation Shuts Down California High School

The three R's... and now an S are happening at Gustine High School in Sacramento. The school was closed-down Wednesday for what's being called a snake infestation.

These are not your garden variety Garter Snakes, either. Since October, five Northern Pacific Rattle Snakes have been found on campus at Gustine High, some of them in classrooms.

So far, no students have been bitten.

"I don't think it's all that big a deal," said senior Linda Mattie.

But school administrators aren't taking any changes, cancelling class for the rest of this week. Since next week students are off for Thanksgiving vacation, classes won't be back in session until the 27th.

"We were all happy about going home. Because we got out of a test, which is great," Mattie said.

According to the Gustine Press-Standard, a baby rattlesnake was found in the school’s weight room on Oct. 24. That snake was trapped and turned over to animal control.

Since then, four other rattlers have been found; one in a chemistry classroom, another outside the school's greenhouse, one the school's wood shop, and Wednesday another rattler was found out in front of the school.

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