Sheriff's report: Ore. sanctuary owner discovered cougar attack that killed longtime employee

A Clackamas County sheriff's report shows the weekend cougar attack that killed a longtime employee at an Oregon animal sanctuary was reported by the facility's owner.

The report says Michael Tuller called 911 at about 7 p.m. Saturday, after finding 36-year-old Renee Radziwon bloodied and lying on her back inside a cougar enclosure at WildCat Haven in Sherwood. Tuller said the Portland woman was cleaning the enclosure when she was attacked.

Investigators found one cougar walking freely inside a main enclosure with a small amount of blood above its nose and a second cougar inside a 15-by-15 cage.

Tuller said Radziwon was alone at the facility while he and his wife were at another property in Scotts Mills, where they plan to eventually move the sanctuary.

The facility's protocol calls for two qualified workers inside an enclosure containing animals.

An autopsy shows Radziwon died of multiple bite wounds.