Deputies looking for burglary suspects in northwest Alabama early Wednesday wound up shooting a man who attempted to flee in a car, authorities said.

The shooting, which left one man wounded, occurred about 3 a.m. in a rural area of Lauderdale County, said Sheriff Rick Singleton.

Deputies began looking for a vehicle after receiving calls about a burglary in Florence, Singleton said, and officers stopped a car with three men inside.

With one deputy in front of the vehicle and another behind, the driver threw the vehicle into reverse and tried to flee, Singleton said. The officer in front opened fire, striking the driver in the shoulder, and officers also fired trying to shoot out tires on the vehicle, he said.

"I'm not sure how many shots were fired in all," Singleton said.

Paul Hinkle, 29, of Birmingham was wounded, authorities said. He was treated at a hospital and taken to jail with the two other men, Sharmarie Crayton, 27, of Humbolt, Tennessee; and Deandre Perry, 26, of Birmingham.

All three are being charged with theft and vehicle burglaries, authorities said. Court records weren't yet available to show whether any of the men had lawyers who could comment.

Officials did not release any information about the officer or officers who opened fire.

Officers found stolen property, three guns and at least one crossbow inside the car with the men, Singleton said. They could be tied of series of break-ins in the region, the sheriff said.

"We've had a rash of burglaries, as has the city of Florence. These guys obviously are responsible for some of them," said Singleton.