Public high schools in Boston are no longer distributing free condoms to teenage students in wrappers that say “hump one,” “tasty one” and “one lucky lady.”

School officials say they are going to stop distributing those condoms after some parents complained the packaging was sexually suggestive and sending the wrong message to teens.

“Anything that says 'hump' and 'bite' and 'big cannon,' I found tremendously offensive to me as a mother," Helen Dajer, a parent, a nurse, and former Boston School Committee Member, told Fox 25 in Boston.

The station said Boston Public Schools spokesman Lee McGuire applauded Dajer and other parents for speaking up. "We absolutely agree with them and the parents are right and we're glad they came to us."

The condoms were being distributed in Boston high schools to students with parental permission under a new sex education program.

Fox 25 reported it was still a mystery how the condoms with their provocative labeling wound up in teen hands.

A company called Global Protection Corp. supplied 40,000 condoms to Boston’s Department of Public Health, which donated them to the school system. The company said DPH has ordered the same condoms before but they are geared for adults.

DPH was pointing the finger of blame at the school system for not inspecting the condoms before handing them out. McGuire said it was an unfortunate oversight.

"And we did not pay enough attention to the labeling on the materials themselves and that's something we want to make sure doesn't happen again," he said.

Fox 25 reported that school officials are taking steps to ensure that in the future its high school condom giveaway will only include condoms in generic wrapping.

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