Sentencing for ex-Ohio doctor in rape, killing of expectant mom with fatal heroin overdose

More details are expected to emerge at an Ohio ex-doctor's sentencing about a pregnant mom's fatal decision to turn to prostitution to support herself and her children.

Former emergency room doctor Ali Salim faces up to 37 years in prison when he appears in Delaware County court Friday afternoon.

The 44-year-old Salim pleaded guilty in October to rape and involuntary manslaughter after he was accused of administering a fatal dose of heroin to Deanna Ballman.

Assistant County Prosecutor Kyle Rohrer says the 23-year-old Ballman turned to prostitution to support her two young children and died after answering a Craigslist ad offering $200. Rohrer says there's no evidence Ballman used drugs.

Salim's attorneys contend Ballman injected herself with heroin and that her death was accidental. They asked the court for leniency.