Search continues for missing Seattle hiker

A solo hiker from Seattle has been missing since Wednesday, and a massive search continued Saturday.

Experienced day hiker, Samantha "Sam" Sayers, 28, had left alone for a hike on the Vesper Peak trail at North Cascades in Washington state, the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office said.

But she hasn't been heard from since.

Kevin Dares, her boyfriend, and his siblings told the Seattle Times that they have spent nearly $5,000, stuffing 150 one-gallon plastic bags with survival items including snack bars, socks, a compass and lighter -- and planting them in the area in hopes that Sayers will find them.

Each bag comes with instructions, so if Sayers finds them, she can help the search volunteers find her.

"Lost person Sam Sayers. Tear off corner of this note and leave in bag so we can track you! Stay strong! We love you and everyone is looking for you," a note for each bag reads, according to the paper.

Sayers left at 8 a.m. Wednesday and was expected to check in with Dares by 6 p.m., Seattle's Q13 Fox reported.

Fifty volunteers from various search and rescue groups, three K-9 teams and Snohomish County Helicopter Rescue Team have joined in the massive search effort, the Times reported.

Sam's mother, Lisa Yax Sayers, is keeping hope alive with a post on Facebook.

"We aren't giving up hope and we need you to all stay strong with us," Lisa wrote. "(P)lease pray that it will be the day we get to hold our little girl in our arms."