School district under fire after girls return home severely sunburned

A mother is seeing red blames school district policy after her daughters returned home from school severely sunburned.

The two girls were outside for five hours during the school's 'Field Day.' When they returned home, mother Jesse Michener said that the girls had burns and blisters. They appeared to be in so much pain that she had to take them to a local hospital for treatment.

Michener says she did not give the girls sunscreen because it appeared to be an overcast day, but says that school officials should have been able to let them apply sunscreen when the sun came out--especially since the girls suffer from a form of albinism.

The school district's policy only allows for sunscreen to be applied when the student has a signed doctor's note giving the okay, because the district considers sunscreen a medication. It cited additives that cause allergic reactions as a reason for the policy.

Michener told Q13Fox that she is writing letters to the district and school board regarding a change in sunscreen policies.

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