A Los Angeles homeowner reportedly filed a lawsuit against a Saudi prince after the Hollywood Hills home he leased to the royal was trashed during a graduation party.

The Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday that the damages totaled more than $300,000, including $80,000 in property damage.

"It was horrible," homeowner Danny Fitzgerald, who reportedly is known for leasing his home out for massive parties, told the paper.

Saudi Prince Aziz al Saud leased one of Fitzgerald’s homes on Weidlake Drive in August. Fitzgerald said they both agreed that the prince could throw one party. The newspaper, citing the complaint filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court Monday, reported that the prince ignored the agreement and threw multiple all-night bashes.

Fitzgerald said the biggest party was thrown on Aug. 16 for Prince Aziz’s graduation from Pepperdine University. There weren’t supposed to be more than 150 people at the house, but the complaint said more than 800 people showed up, with guests doing drugs and strippers dancing on kitchen countertops.

Fitzgerald alleges that the defendants have not paid for the damages to the furniture, walls and hardwood floors, which totaled to $86,379.

"Incredibly, after this August 16 party, Prince Aziz continued to have nightly parties until the early mornings and continued to leave piles of trash on the street," the complaint said, according to the Times. "Guests of the Prince were seen urinating on Plaintiff's neighbors' properties."

Fitzgerald said he apologized to the neighbors for the ordeal. He told the newspaper he hopes the neighbors can act as witnesses in the court case against Prince Aziz.

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