Sandusky Accuser Says Police Knew of Dinner Meeting

Ex-Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky is under fire for dinners he hosted for men helped by his charity when they were boys, including some who now accuse him of sexual abuse.

Lawyer Howard Janet said Friday his client, one of the alleged victims, was invited to Sandusky's home four months before Sandusky was charged with molesting children. He says the client told police about the invite and reported to them about the meeting afterward.

Janet says a claim by Sandusky's lawyer that the meeting indicates the former coach remained friendly with several accusers is "grotesque."

Sandusky attorney Joseph Amendola told The Patriot-News newspaper this week about accusers visiting the Sandusky home. Sandusky says he is innocent.

Janet represents a man who says he was bear-hugged by Sandusky while showering with him in 1998.

Amendola responded Friday evening by arguing that Sandusky had kept in contact with men who had participated in programs run by his charity.

The dinners with Sandusky and his wife were innocent gatherings, Amendola suggested, calling it "simply an effort on the Sanduskys' part to maintain those long-established positive relationships with young men whom the Sanduskys believed were their friends."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.