A manhunt was underway in Northern California early Thursday after an inmate at San Quentin State Prison reportedly walked off the grounds late Wednesday evening, according to prison officials.

The inmate remained at large and may have committed a carjacking nearby in a bid to get away, the Bay Area's KNTV-TV reported, citing prison officials.

The escaped inmate, identified as Shalom Mendoza in the report, was discovered missing during an official head count around 9:35 p.m.


San Quentin then initiated their Emergency Operations Escape Pursuit Plan to locate the escapee, the report said. Officials described Mendoza as a 24-year-old Hispanic male, 5’5” and weighing 177 pounds with short brown hair and brown eyes.

Mendoza was serving a five-year sentence for using a deadly weapon during a carjacking and evading a peace officer while driving recklessly. He was sent to San Quentin in April.

Authorities ask that anyone with information on Mendoza call Lt. Samuel Robinson at (415) 455-5000 or 911.