San Jose officer raises money for wife, 2 sons of man killed in road rage shooting

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After 17 years on the force, San Jose Police officer Huan Ngyuen had learned not to get emotionally involved in his work. But one got through.

On May 6, a road rage slaying in his Little Saigon neighborhood took the life of a Vietnamese immigrant like himself. It happened on the streets where Ngyuen grew up and where he now patrols.

The victim was a hardworking 37-year-old bus driver who left behind a widow and two young children, one with severe autism who will need a lifetime of care.

Nguyen says the crime hit a soft spot. While searching for suspects, he and his colleagues launched a fundraiser. Now, less than three weeks after the shooting, they've raised close to $100,000.

Widow Dieu Huynh says she's very thankful and very surprised.