San Francisco couple gets back stolen car 4 months and 11K miles later

A San Francisco couple’s stolen car was recovered last week with Lyft stickers and 11,000 additional miles racked up, The San Francisco Chronicle reported Wednesday.

Cierra and Josh Barton purchased their Honda HR-V during the summer and the car was stolen from in front of their Hayward apartment complex, the report said. Four months later, Hayward Police told the couple that they had found the vehicle.

It was abandoned by a roadside. Police estimate that the car sat idle for about two weeks.

The couple said they retrieved the car from a holding lot last week and found the Lyft stickers and the odometer that rose from 2,000 miles to 13,000.

“Not only did someone steal our car, they made money off it,” Cierra told the paper.

Lyft told the paper in a statement that it is unable to match the vehicle to any accounts in the area. The statement said California drivers must submit a vehicle inspection form, a California’s driver’s license, personal vehicle insurance, a driver photo and a California license plate.