Police in Sacramento County, Calif., were investigating a report of an "active shooter" Monday.

According to Fox 40, a witness reported seeing someone shoot a woman in the neck.

The suspect has not been found, Sacramento Police Sgt. Lisa Bowman said.

"I was in the house at the time when I heard four shots and a woman screaming," Kevin Williams told KCRA. "I stuck my head out of the door and saw my neighbor sitting on the driveway with blood on her, and I went in to call 911."

The woman was taken by helicopter to the hospital and her condition was not immediately known, Fox40.com reported.

The suspect fired at officers, but nobody was hit, the report said.

Police say Charles Peck Elementary School has been locked down as a precaution. There are no other reports of injuries at this time.

The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

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