“Get a roof, get a gun!”

That’s the pitch Alabama roofers are using to attract customers, promising them a free AR-15 rifle in a video ad that has created big buzz on the Internet, FOX 13 reported.

Zach Blenkinsopp, of Decatur-based Digital Roofing Innovations, along with co-owner Chris McGuire created the 1-minute ad to attract new customers to their business.

The video shows Blenkinsopp putting on his roofing gear, which he takes from the back of his car, as he tells viewers:  “I’m not here to talk to you about roofing … I’m here to talk to you about AR-15 rifles. If you sign up for a new roof with Digital Roofing Innovations, you are going to get you a free AR-15 rifle after we complete the roof.”

Blenkinsopp and McGuire told WIAT that they don’t have a big budget for marketing, so the do-it-yourself advertising campaign seemed to make the most sense.

'I knew it would invoke emotion.'

— Chris McGuire, of Digital Roofing Innovations

"I posted this in extremely conservative Facebook groups, extremely liberal Facebook groups, because I knew it would invoke emotion,” McGuire told WIAT.

McGuire said that while critics are taking aim at the ads for promoting violence, it’s legal to get a free gun for buying a roof.

When the duo completes a roof, the customer will be given a voucher for a gun, and will have to go through all the same background checks as if they were buying their own guns.

"You get to choose what you believe in and if people don't like it then we don't care. We're going to continue to do our business and take care of our customers," Blenkinsopp told Fox 13.