Road to Recovery: The Fresh Diet

From the scoops of granola for breakfast, to the spring rolls for lunch, to the dinners while running out the door, everything is fresh.

And that's the point.

Created five years ago, The Fresh Diet company's sales pitch is simple: healthy meals, prepared for you and delivered to your doorstep.

Kelly Ann Pinnock's been a customer for the past two months and says she's lost 15 pounds.

"The time convenience all around. I don't have to shop. I don't have to think very much about it. Literally, I come home and within a minute I have a meal," Pinnock says.

When Zalmi Duchman founded the company they had just 100 customers. The following year, they had 200 clients. Today, 3,000 customers pay $30 per day for three portioned-meals and two snacks delivered in a large, green "cooler," stocked with each packaged item and topped off with a couple of freezer packs to maintain the freshness-integrity.

Forbes recently ranked The Fresh Diet as the number 177 overall business in the nation,  number six in the Food and Beverage category, and number one in Miami.

The Fresh Diet is also now prepping meals in its kitchens in Toronto, New York, Dallas, Chicago and Los Angeles.

"This year we are on pace to grow about 120 percent and do about $15 million in revenue, and we don't see ourselves slowing down. I think we're going to grow at least 100 percent in the next three years. If the projection is right, then we'll do over $100 million in revenue in 2013," Duchman says.

Duchman also says that the recession actually helped his start-up small business. As people watched their spending, they chose to stay in and not go to restaurants. The Fresh Diet provided a healthy and convenient alternative that was delivered right to their door.

With the company's success, it appears there's a growing class of Americans who are choosing to spend the $30 per day for healthy food delivered to them, whether it's because they're so busy or just love the convenience.

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