Ripple effect after fiery crash takes out only place to get gas, groceries, in Chugwater, Wyo.

It all began when a man exited Interstate 25 and barreled into town one evening last winter.

A witness said John Barberini didn't brake before he crashed into the Horton's Corner convenience store Dec. 30, starting a fire that burned down the store and caused a massive lingering headache for the 200 people of Chugwater. Horton's Corner wasn't just any convenience store. It was the only place for miles around to get gas, the town's lone grocery store and one of its biggest employers. The fire cost a dozen people their jobs.

As for the gas problem? Four months after the fire, folks still have to drive at least 48 miles round trip to fill up.

All because of ... Well, the denizens of Chugwater aren't quite sure.