Ridgway says he might be able to locate more bodies of his Green River killings

Police who have dealt with serial killer Gary Ridgway say it's worth continuing the search for his missing victims, but add the Green River Killer will "play games" and lie.

Ridgway has said he might be able to locate the bodies of more women he killed. Ridgway told KOMO (http://bit.ly/19b43uV) that the Green River Task Force mostly kept him in a van in 2003 when he directed them to sites in the Seattle area where he dumped bodies in the 1980s. He'd like to revisit every site on foot and says he could have had as many as 80 victims.

Ridgway was convicted of killing 49 women and authorities say it's possible there are more victims. But King County Sheriff John Urquhart warns that Ridgway can't be trusted.


Information from: KOMO-TV, http://www.komotv.com/