Residents of Illinois hamlet nearly leveled by deadly twister may get to see what's left

Northern Illinois residents whose rural hamlet was nearly leveled by a deadly twister may get to return to their homes to assess the damage from the storm that killed two women.

Sixty-nine year-old Jacklyn Klosa and 67-year-old Geraldine Schultz were found dead after a tornado hit their Fairdale neighborhood Thursday night. Fairdale is a community of about 150 people that's about 80 miles west of Chicago.

Fairdale has no village government, no school, no cable TV and no major businesses.

All Fairdale homes were evacuated, in part, because of a lack of electricity.

Residents gathered Friday at a roadblock a mile from town, eager to check the damage to their homes. Police said it was too dangerous. Authorities said residents would likely be able to return by Saturday.