Resident hangs posters urging tourists to improve manners

From this person's kvetching, you'd think Chelsea was Times Square.

Someone in the trendy Manhattan neighborhood has slapped posters on light poles in an effort to lecture misbehaving tourists on how to behave when visiting the High Line and other local hot spots.

"Attention High Line Tourists," the screed begins.

"The neighborhood around the High Line is not a tourist attraction. It is a small and fragile neighborhood. So while here, please use your best manners."

It goes on to complain about annoying tourist habits like crowding sidewalks and snapping pictures along the neighborhood's historic buildings and tree-lined streets.

"Buildings are not tourist attractions: People live there, and sitting on the steps and taking pictures is as invasive, rude and inappropriate as a group of strangers sitting on the steps of your home and taking pictures of it and you . . .

"Please consider how you would feel if 3 million people a year from around the world trampled your street, your neighborhood, and your local park, and act accordingly — in the way that your morals or religion or general human consideration would dictate."

The posters aren't going down well with lots of New Yorkers — who, it turns out, actually like the out-of-towners.

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