Rescue Underway for 21 Trapped in New York Motel as Flooding Fears Increase

Rescue efforts are underway after 21 people were trapped in an upstate New York motel as rising waters from Hurricane Irene flooded the streets surrounding the building.

The N.Y. National Guard deployed 129 soldiers and several speed boats to reach the motel, located in Prattsville, N.Y., reported.

Water has filled the entire first floor of the motel and the building is without power and phone service.

Those trapped are concerned an already overflowing dam located near the motel will break, reported.

The New York Power Authority Sunday declared a Type B situation at the Gilboa Dam in Montgomery County, New York.

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    "The dam has not been compromised at this point," WXXA reporter Katherine Underwood told Fox News. "The dam is about 15 miles south of us, and that water will come rushing north."

    Heavy rains from Hurricane Irene caused major flooding in the area, causing the nearby Schoharie Creek to rise nearly 20 feet over several hours.

    The National Weather Service has issued a flood warning for Schoharie Creek at Gilboa Dam until Tuesday afternoon.

    The Gilboa Dam and the Schoharie Reservoir are owned and operated by New York City's Department of Environmental Protection.

    The dam is currently undergoing a reconstruction project, which is expected to be completed by 2018, according to

    New York Gov. Cuomo recently visited the Gilboa dam.