A Georgia woman who police say was kidnapped and assaulted early Monday reportedly called 911 after her attacker ordered her to call her boyfriend so he could hear her being raped.

The victim reached a quick-thinking dispatcher who reportedly played along with the woman and acted as though he was her boyfriend and alerted police, Fox5Atlanta.com reported. He stayed on the phone with the victim who managed to give the dispatcher her location -- a closed adult novelty store in nearby Clayton County; within about 5 minutes, police officers arrived.

"Just go with the flow, that’s all you could do,” Daeontae Smith, the dispatcher, said. “You have to improvise. When you're dispatching, not everything is going to be written down, not everything is black and white.”

Smith was credited with possibly saving the woman’s life.

The alleged attacker was identified as 27-year-old Robert Giles, WSBTV.com reported. Police said they arrested Giles in the act.

“They were able to stop it right then and there and snatched him right from the car,” Maj. Joe Woodall, from the Clayton County police, told the station.

Giles faces rape, false imprisonment and obstruction charges, the WSBTV.com report said.

Smith said that he has revisited the tape of the call and said it sends chills through his body.

“I teared up a little bit. Very tough situation to deal with,” he said.