Private investigator claimed Scientology hired him to spy on father of church's leader

A private detective arrested two years ago in Wisconsin claims he spied for the Church of Scientology on the father of the church's leader.

In 2013, Dwayne Powell told police in West Allis that the church paid him $10,000 a week over 1 ½ years to spy full-time on Ronald Miscavige Sr., who had broken with the Southern California-based church.

According to police reports obtained Thursday by The Associated Press, Powell claimed Miscavige's son, David, wanted to make sure his father didn't divulge details of church activities.

Powell said he went through the father's garbage and spied on his emails and conversations.

A church statement calls Powell's allegations preposterous and "an absolute bald-faced lie."

The police documents were first obtained by the Los Angeles Times ( ).