Principal uses struggling school’s funds to build private gym

The principal is in much better shape than her school.

Principal Jazmine Santiago used school funds to install her own private gym with a bench press, pull-up bar, treadmill, elliptical machine and thigh exerciser on the third floor of PS 269 in Flatbush, sources told The Post.

When some staffers questioned the expenditure, Santiago claimed she shares the equipment with older students, according to one source.

But the underperforming school only goes through Grade 5, which would make the oldest students 11 years old and an average 4-foot-10 — not tall enough to reach some of the heavy-duty equipment.

“Their bodies are not ready for a treadmill,” one teacher said.

Staffers fumed that Santiago converted a storage room into her own private workout space in June 2014 with no consultation.

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