Popular 13-foot python "Monty" euthanized at Louisville zoo

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A popular python snake named Monty that came to the Louisville Zoo in Kentucky in 1981 has been euthanized.

The 13-foot, 38-year-old Burmese python died Tuesday at the zoo. Zookeepers say they decided to have the python euthanized because it had not been eating well, was losing weight and was diagnosed with lymphoma.

Bill McMahan, supervisor of the HerpAquarium where Monty lives, says the python was a great ambassador for his species and had made appearances on local TV stations with its handlers.

Pythons are constrictors, so they have no fangs and are typically fed poultry, rodents and rabbits. They are native to southern China, Burma, Indochina, Thailand and the Malay Archipelago.